Sound Resources

I’ve decided to put together a post with links to and descriptions of resources that I think are useful for anyone interested in Post Production Sound. I’m sure I’ve missed quiet a few things and people, please let me know so I can add them.

Audio-Vision – Michel Chion – THE book on sound for film. It contains a perfect description of the medium, very theory heavy.

Sound Design – David Sonnenschein –  Great book that contains a lot of theory but also a lot of practical elements. Contains lots of interview snippets from contemporary films.

Film Sound – another collection of essays, edited by Elizabeth Weis and John Belton.

Sound Theory Sound Practice – A wonderful collection of essays about film sound, edited by Rick Altman.

FilmSound – online resource with information about pretty much everything to do with film sound, lots of interviews too.

Social Sound Design – Q&A forum with some really excellent discussion. Some theory, some techie, some practical topics. Friendly bunch of people too.

Soundworks Collection – interviews/making of’s of recent films’ sound teams.

DUC – Digi User Conference. Chat forum for all things ProTools. The usual mixture of nice people and complete idiots and some really interesting and useful information and a smattering of inane rubbish.

The Music of Sound – Tim Prebble’s blog. Some really interesting stuff; how to’s, links to some great short films, opinion. Tim also runs Hiss and Roar, prosumer sound effects libraries.

Designing Sound – Lots of interviews and How To’s.
Noise Jockey – a great blog detailing Nathan’s recording escapades. 

Chuck Russom – Chuck is a game sound designer. His blog covers his recordings. He also has ChuckRussomSFX where you can purchase and download some great sound libraries.

Chris Watson – sound recordist who specialises in nature recordings, the maker of some truly amazing recordings.

Misc Stuff
School of Sound – UK organisation dedicated to exploring film sound and music. They run workshops and seminars most years.
BBC Radiophonic Workshop – the workshop was setup to create sound and music for BBC programmes in 1958. A legendary group of people. Responsible for the original Doctor Who theme. Facebook group can be found here.

Bournemouth University Media School – the place I did my MA in Sound Design for the Screen.

National Film & Television School – Title says it all, they run a course in Sound Design too.

The Soundtrack – journal for sound and music for film. The New Soundtrack – same people same idea.

2 responses to “Sound Resources

  1. Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures: A Guide to the Invisible Art

    A brilliant insight into the art dialogue editing looking at the stages before, during, and after. A basic knowledge of the audio post production process and experience in using DAWs would is advised before picking this one up. I definitely recommend this book

    The Sound Effects Bible: How to Create and Record Hollywood Style Sound Effects

    An enjoyable book that caters more for the beginners. Still worth a read either way as it covers gear advice, field recording techniques, basic editing, studio and Foley room construction, and much more. Around a third of this book is dedicated to ideas of how to create certain sound effects which is worth the £6 I paid for it alone.

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