Ever since I discovered Electro-acoustic music during my music degree I’ve been a closet academic. I fell completely love discussing and analysing music, especially if that music was from the 20th Century avant garde. I have my composition lecturer Darren Sproston to thank. After I got my music degree I went to Bournemouth University to do an MA in Sound Design for the Screen. I was in my element: pretensious academics talking about sound for film and doing loads of practical fun stuff to boot. I wrote numerous papers on different aspects of sound for film which culminated in my dissertation. I had become interested in realism by this stage, although not in the film theory neo-realism meaning of the word. I used the term ‘authentism’ to say how realistic something is. So I spent a couple of months researching the D-Day landings, in particular Omaha Beach and watching the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan pretty much every day. I was attempting to discover how realistic the sound of the film was. I wont tell you what I found out as it’d take thousands of words to say so please feel free to read my work…


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