Resources update

I don’t normally advertise other sites as I doubt they’d get much traffic from me. However this on is really interesting for me

It’s called Sonic Terrain and is a blog/resource about getting out there and recording sounds.

I’m really quite excited as this is something I’ve not done enough of. Before I got a fulltime job I used to have to source and record sounds if I wanted to use them in something. I could never afford a library and this was before the likes of Soundsnap existed.

At the time I had a MiniDisc and a tiny Sony condenser mic. Not great but the best a student could afford. Now I am impatiently waiting on a Zoom H1. I really can’t wait as I’ve wanted such a device for ages and now I can finally afford one. There’s so many things I’ve been itching to record so expect a flood of things on SoundCloud….

Now I just can’t wait to start recording sounds and reading all the hints and tips people on ST share with us mortals.


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