Zoom H1 Dialogue Recording

I wanted to know how good the Mics are on my new Zoom H1. Being a mixer I think dialogue is one of the hardest things to record well as all humans are familiar with the sound to such a degree that it is obvious when it is done badly.

I setup a TLM170 and placed the H1 right next to it, I then read the opening paragraph to Michel Chion’s Audio-Vision, my mouth is approximately 15cm away from the mics. I’ve done nothing to the recordings (no EQ or Compression) and recorded at 24Bit, 96KHz although I bounced out to 16Bit/48Khz to enable a sensible upload time to SoundCloud (internet where I work is appallingly slow, took 10 minutes just to upload these 5Mb files).

Now, I have a lovely sinus infection and have a bunged right ear. PLEASE tell me how they both sound as I’m itching to know and wont wait until I’m feeling well again.


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5 responses to “Zoom H1 Dialogue Recording

  1. My preference would be for something half way between. The TLM170 has a much warmer sound but for my liking t=has too much LF and isn’t bright enough. Where as the H1 is the exact reverse. It is too bright and is lacking in low end warmth.

  2. I’d say the TLM170 recording has a much more rounded, full sound than the H1. More lows and low-mids, though perhaps lacking a little top-end sparkle. When you listen to both consecutively, the H1 seems lacking in some lows and low-mids making it sound more ‘tinny’. However, heard in isolation without comparison the H1 stands up pretty well, especially considering it’s just a small unit’s built-in mics. Nice experiment Ian!

    • Cheers Colin (and Mike). Overall I’m pretty impressed with my purchase and thought this would highlight its capabilities. My main problem finding time to go out and actually record things.

      • Yeah I know what you mean! I seem to go through stages. Sometimes I’m recording random stuff every day, then I’ll go through a stage where I don’t seem to record at all. I try to take my portable recorder with me everywhere but still seem to go through these stages. I guess it’s all about inspiration! Anyway, keep us posted with your new recordings…

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