No, I haven’t got Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but I have just been accepted as a full member of the Institute of Broadcast Sound.

It looked like an interesting organisation so I applied to join as an Associate Member (you need to know someone to be a Full Member but that requirement was waived due to my CV which was rather nice of them). In addition to it looking interesting I thought it might help in my hunt for a job back in the UK.

A week or so before Christmas I got this in the post, all very posh and official. It’s nice to get recognition for ones work but even more so from your peers (especially if they’re random strangers).

Only just getting a handle on what the IBS do but it really does sound like a good thing, a nice sense of let’s all get together and support each other, sort of like a more serious version of Twitter in that regard.

The most fun thing is yet to come as I get to put some letters after my name on credits, nothing like a bit of shameless ego boosting or self promotion.


3 responses to “IBS

  1. Hi Ian,

    Congrats on your MIBS. You do ‘know’ someone who is a member, me. Have been a member since 1982. The IBSNET email list is excellent for getting help and advice and the IBSChat email is great for getting advice on all sorts of non sound stuff too. Don’t forget there is the training weekend coming up at the end of the month too. Its a great opportunity to learn stuff and rub shoulders with some very experienced folk too.

    • Didn’t know you were a member Mike. Have to say I’m quite excited by the whole thing. Sadly I can’t make the training weekend this month as I’d have loved to have gone (got a couple of TX dates soon after so can’t take the time off work to make the journey from Galway). Will certainly be keeping an eye on other meetings though and will endeavour to make some tradeshows this year too (again subject to getting time off work).

      Cheers Mike!


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