Hello everyone,

It’s been a really odd few months for me. Before Christmas I got a new job which was then rescinded so I had to ask for my old job back. This meant being in work was rather uncomfortable as my boss new I wanted to leave. I then had a call from an old producer friend with an offer of work. It’s taken a few months to sort out but I signed up for the series a couple of weeks ago.

I’ll now be working freelance on the series until March 2012. After much searching my wife and I have settled on moving to somewhere in between Cardiff and Bristol. Part of our reason for moving back to the UK is to be nearer friends and family and as I’m from near Marlborough in Wiltshire it made sense to move to the south but somewhere near possible future work, neither of us fancied London. This also explains my odd behaviour and relative quiet recently.

Sadly it also explains my temporary abandonment of my Bell sound library that I recorded back in November. Once I’m settled in and got my new ProTools system all set up I’ll have to crack on and get it edited and mastered.

Can’t wait to meet up with all the people I’ve met on Twitter in the last year now. Bring it on!



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