Preset Sharing

Hello all.

It’s been a while since I thought of this but now my job is winding down I’ve a little free time to start setting this up.

We all use presets right? I certainly have hundreds filed away for the plugins I regularly use. This is especially true when one needs the save effect for each occurrence of something (dialogue on a TV or a reverb assigned to a reoccurring location) needed frequently.

So I want to setup a website that will enable us to upload and share our plugin presets with each other.

I use ProTools so at first this will RTAS only with a view to expanding to TDM and maybe other DAWs in the future.

Please send me your thoughts on this as if it’s setup by the community then we can iron out any issues from the off.



7 responses to “Preset Sharing

  1. Interesting idea Ian. It would also be a wonderful way to learn from each other – choice and use of EQs/Reverbs/Compression/etc.

    Additional info along with the presets might be, for example, how much of gain reduction on the meter or maybe even examples of usage..

  2. Nice idea Ian! I think it’s another great way for the online social community to share their ideas, processes etc. I agree with Varun that a description field of how the preset is usually applied can be very helpful.

  3. I think it’s a great idea. Could be cool to include entire signal chains as well. (i.e. EQ3 -> Q10 -> DeEsser -> RComp -> REQ4 -> L1 = Narrator processing chain)

  4. Great idea Ian, I think that could definitely be a good resource. I know I do have quite a few presets which are project-specific, and would not be immediately useful out of context, but perhaps the learning angle could make those still of interest in some cases. I think Steve’s suggestion of including signal chains would really be a good addition too.

    • Hi Alan, I emailed you earlier but some spamcop software bounced my yahoo account back me. Can you email me at ianjpalmer [at] Cheers, Ian

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