Aldbourne Bells

This is a library of recordings I made of my father’s bell collection. Aldbourne bells were cast in the village between 1694 and 1826 primarily by the Cor and Wells families. This library contains most sizes and types of bells that were cast that survive to this day, with the exception of church bells. All the sounds were recorded on my Zoom H1 recorder, edited and cleaned in ProTools9 & iZotope RX2 at 24Bit/96KHz. The RAR file is 766.9Mb in size. By buying the library you are agreeing to the Licence.

Buy Now 98 WAV files for £15.


3 responses to “Aldbourne Bells

  1. Hi Ian, Good to see your dad’s bells will be in good hands. When Nick (he’s a sound engineer too) comes home at Christmas, I’ll get him to record my bells – various Wells standards, a couple of crotals, one of the tiny silver crotals that Peter age made for the Millennium and a 4-bell latten set by James Bridgman. (I suspect your dad sold that sett to my wife for a Xmas present).

    • Oh nice to hear from you John, hope you’re keeping well. Nick just got in touch on twitter, guess I have this library to thank. I dare say my Dad did sell you that set.

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